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Topic Title: Leash Scars
Created On: 10/18/2011 11:10 AM
 08/29/2012 01:09 PM

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I think a lot of animal lovers have leash scars to prove it. [br][br]One of my dogs is constantly tugging at her leash. She is a great dog, but clearly I have not trained her properly. I tend to wrap the leash around my hand when she becomes really unruly. Because of this, my right hand and wrist areas sustained minor scarring. The marks are not overly bothersome, but I know they are there. Usually they look significantly better after I apply moisurizing lotion.
 10/31/2011 02:04 PM

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[br]I was using a retractable leash, Amari, so the inside of the mechanism looks like a thin rope. When my dog saw the cat and began tugging, I immediately wrapped it around my hand and lower arm area so Sarah could not reach the other animal. Therefore, I guess it is a rope scar. Thankfully, the scar is not elevated and has faded significantly. Still, it is there, but it has become a part of me. When I see my leash scar, I see Sarah. [br]
 10/19/2011 01:59 PM

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How exactly did you get this scar? Was it like rope burn from the leash that didn't heal well? It's amazing to me that this would leave a scar.
 10/18/2011 11:10 AM

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I love animals; they seem to bring a smile to my face. One night I was walking my beloved dog with a retractable leash (sadly, she is now deceased). She saw a cat and immediately began chasing the animal. I quickly started wrapping the leash around my hand and arm, but she kept tugging. Subsequently, I ended up with a spiral-shaped scar that extends from my wrist to my forearm. It has faded through the years, but each time I see it, I think of Sarah. [br][br]Has anyone else suffered a leash scar? If so, what happened?

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