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Topic Title: Jellyfish Stings can cause bad Scars
Created On: 05/19/2010 10:58 AM
 11/18/2013 04:00 PM

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<p>Yes, I know two people who sustained scars from jellyfish. Thankfully, the marks are not severe, and unless the individuals are wearing bathing suits, the scars are not visible. One person has a stomach scar, and the other one has a small-ish thigh mark.</p>
<p>I agree, Marie, jellyfish are fascinating and scary. I am relatively certain that people who study the creatures have a greater degree of comfort because they understand their behaviors. Regrettably, I have no idea what makes them sting people. I assume they perceive a threat when they come in contact with a body and react to the fear. </p>
 02/21/2013 01:19 PM

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[br]Wow, jellyfish are both beautiful and scary-looking all at the same time. They seem like magical creatures when they dance throughout the ocean. However, if they sting, I am sure they are anything but magical. [br][br]I was on a tropical island some time back, and a couple of people were stung by Portuguese Man O' War, which is a jellyfish-like creature. Sadly, they were writhing in pain, and the affected areas were red, swollen, and bleeding. I cannot help but think the sting must have left a scar. [br][br]Has anyone every been stung by this creature? If so, were there long-term consequences? [br]
 05/29/2012 05:06 PM

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Now that the warmer weather is here, people flock to the ocean. Some prefer to sunbathe, others like swimming in the water, and some enjoy both. Whatever the situation, I think it is best to prepare when traveling to the beach. [br][br]For example, excessive sun can cause excessive skin damage. Therefore, bring an umbrella for shade and use an appropriate sunscreen. In addition, take along a first aid kit. There are different creatures lurking in the water, and one of them can bite/sting you or someone you know. My cousin once got stung by a jellyfish, and she has the scars to prove it.
 06/16/2010 03:40 PM

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[p]I used to be a lifeguard during the summer and we would get numerous jellyfish stings throughout the summer. While the stings we dealt with are not nearly as dangerous and lifethreatening as getting stung by the Australian box jellyfish, the stings were still enough to frighten some little kids from getting back in the water. We used to treat the stings with vinegar or meat tenderizer, mixed with a little water to create a paste. Good luck for the upcoming summer months! [/p]
 06/09/2010 11:25 AM

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[p]What are some treatments to jellyfish stings when there is no immediate medical attention at the site?[/p]
 05/19/2010 10:58 AM

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[p][img][/img] With summer coming it might pay to heed marine warnings about jellyfish to avoid severe scarring. Apparently jellyfish tentacles can cause extreme skin injuries. Sometimes they're even lethal. For example, l[url=]ook at the legs of this poor girl who was stung while swimming[/url] in Australia. So swimmers- beware...[/p]

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