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Topic Title: Years after surgery, still no strength
Created On: 01/07/2002 10:15 PM
 06/23/2002 07:52 AM

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Hi, Hopefully your husband has seena dr by now and if not then I thought I would offer my advice. Let me preceed by letting you know that I am by no means a doctor. I've had one ACL reconstruction and need to have a second. I dont see that there would be a problem with your husband getting into shape. I think he should get back into the rehab exercises that his physio would have given him. The main thing you husband needs to do is stregthen the muscles (especially the hamstrings) around the knee to give the knee the support that it is lacking from the ACL. He will most likely just need to start his basic exercies first (balancing and all the really boring stuff for the first few months) and then get into all the hoping exercises, and then from there you get into your jogging, etc, etc. But all of that aside, if he is just doing it to loose weight/get exercise then he should be able to start on an exercise bike straight away regardless wether he has balance or not. hope this helps
 01/07/2002 10:15 PM

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I am a concerned wife. My husband and I have been trying to get back into shape. My husband has had three knee surgeries, one scope on his right knee and two ACL replacements on his left. He did rehab but not very relgiously. Due to that fact, he has no strength and has a hard time balancing on one leg. I would like to have some exerises that we could do to start ot strengthen his knee again. Or is it impossible to get the strength back after all these years. He needs and wants to exercise but seems to have pain or discomfort quite often. I know that he needs to start slowing and then progress. But my question is: 1) How do we start? 2) How long will it take? 3) Is it even possible to regain strength to a knee that had been so badly damaged and not rehabed correctly? We are in process of getting him in to a doctor I was wondering if you would be able to answer any of our questions in the meantime. Thank you for your time and any suggestions that you might have are greatly appreciated. Thanks The Tirillo's

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