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Topic Title: Knee fracture (left tibia)
Created On: 12/24/2001 02:14 PM
 10/11/2002 11:13 AM

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I read your note with interest, 4 weeks ago I fractured my left tibia and have 5 screws holding it together. I have been in a cast for 4 weeks now and have another 3 left (I think as my doctor say’s one thing at a time) I feel as though my life has come to an abrupt holt as I find it very difficult getting around on crutches, up and downstairs etc., so I spend most of my day in bed. It been a while since you fractured your tibia, can you give me any inspiration and what the future holds.
 12/24/2001 02:14 PM

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I fell down while jogging on 21st November 2001 and fractured my knee, left tibia to be specific. I have undergone surgery whereby 3 screws were fixed inside my leg to hold the bones togather. Its now four weeks since I had the operation. After the operation my leg was put in a POP (cast) for three and half week during which time I was not bending my leg. The cast has been removed and the doctor asked me to be bending and exercising with lifting and bending my leg. However I am finding this very difficult and painfull. My muscles especially the back lower leg muscles are hard and painful to bend. Please advice what I can do.

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