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Topic Title: Trouble flexing 6 months after ACL/PCL reconstruction
Created On: 02/06/2002 01:33 AM
 07/15/2004 02:01 PM

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Hi I'm 15 years old and have had two ACL reconstructions in the apst 2 years. After my first reconstruction I couldn't crouch down like noraml it would hurt to much, but after about a year out of surgey I was finally able to do it no problem, but then I torn my other ACL so I was back to day 1. I wouldn't push it, when it is ready you will know. if you push it to hard or fast you could end up with more problems. I'm not an expert, but I do know how far I can push myself without doing more damage, so just don't go beyond your boby's limits. Thanks for listening hope everything works out for you.
 02/06/2002 01:33 AM

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I'm 29y/o and very active. I torn off my ACL, PCL, MCL and injured one meniscus on my left leg six months ago. I had arthroscopic surgery three weeks later and have been following up my rehab protocol. Doing pretty well, I think. I have beeen able to flex my knee to the point where my ankle touches my buttock. But that's only happened a couple of times. It usually stays 8 or 10 inches away before it starts to hurt, and then, warming up and forcing it a bit more it gets to an inch or so from my butt. My therapy mates have been able to flex earlier all the way, but they are all only ACL reconstructions. So my multiple injure has been treated more carefully by the doctors and the therapists. It took a long way to get here and I know my knee is functional for most activities. But my therapist has stopped forcing me to bend as I already went all the way once. She says that I should be able do do it all by myself now. However, I'd like to be able to flex it all the way, and crouch comfortably, the same way I do with my right knee and I fear that I may be losing valuable time if I don't do it with her help as early as right now. Is it too late for me to expect to be able to do so, as 5 months have already past since my surgery? Is it something I can gain gradually? (There's a lady taking therapy from an old injury that was not well rehabilitated and left her without the posibility to bend beyond 120 degrees). Am I putting the grafts in jeopardy (BTB allografts, titanium screws) by forcing the knee to flex in such a hurry? Any guidance will be much appreciated. Thank you, eas

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