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Topic Title: Possible MCL injury
Created On: 01/29/2002 08:56 PM
 05/12/2004 10:35 AM

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Well, if all you do have is an MCL injury then your pretty lucky insurance wise. These injuries heal on their own but you have to treat it correctley. If your knee is still swollen, I suggest you start putting ice on it, and rest yourself for a couple of weeks (meaning don't go out and play sports...or go snowboarding!). Once the swelling goes down and your leg starts feeling more stable, start swimming (it's a big help!) You can also start doing leg strengthening excersizes on weight machines, and focus a lot on the quads and hamstrings. These muscles help support your knee. Whatever you do, don't underestimate your injury, even if you start to feel better don't get cocky on your feet, it take 6-8 weeks for an MCL to heal, maybe even longer. You should also make sure that you have not damaged anything else in your knee like your ACL or cartlidge. MCL injuries are sometimes coupled with other injuries to your ACL, meniscus etc. Good luck!
 01/29/2002 08:56 PM

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I am a 20 year old female. I hurt my knee approximately 12 days ago while snowboarding. I heard a pop and now have pain on the medial side of my left knee. This pain has receeded considerably since the accident, but still resides when I extend the leg fully or try to flex it beyond 90 degrees. There is instability on the medial side (I believe yielding a positive valgus test). My physician didn't say much other than to return if I still felt pain 2 weeks later. Based on his less than stellar diagnosis and patient care, I am leary to return. I believe that I have a degree 2 MCL injury but want to avoid MRI's and OSs if possible to to financial reasons. Are there any stregthening exercies that could speed recovery? I have access to a pool and a weight room 7 days a week. Any help or insight you can offer is much appreciated!

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