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Topic Title: Hot Stove Scar
Created On: 09/27/2011 03:19 PM
 07/10/2013 12:18 PM

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I recently read about a relatively new heating concept for smooth top stoves called induction heating. It seems the burners heat more quickly than gas or electric, and it is impressively energy efficient. This type of stove uses an electromagnetic field to heat, so the rest of the stove stays cool to the touch. Cleaning the surface is supposed to be easier, and burning the skin is much less likely.

Is anyone familiar with induction heating? If you have a stove that uses this technology, do you like it?
 03/21/2013 06:52 PM

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Yes, I agree. I used to have a conventional stove and rarely burned myself. However, now that I have a flat top style, I forget the burner can still be hot after I turn it off, and I sometimes get burnt. I have never had a bad situation take place; still, minor accidents have happened. In fact, I have a slight scar on my hand to prove it; I think I am the only one who can see it, though.

Personally, I would never get this type of stove again. They were a novelty at first, but like many other novelty products, I think they have fallen out of favor.
 04/24/2012 07:06 PM

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I just want to issue a warning to anyone who has a flat-top electric stove. Yes, they can be convenient to clean (although they sometimes leave behind stains that are not easy to remove), but you can also burn yourself. [br][br]Often after dinner, I like to wipe down the stove. Because the burner quickly turns back to black when it is turned off, I forget it still needs to cool down. I have burnt myself in the past, but the other day was worse than usual. Thankfully the injury did not leave a scar, but it hurt for some time. [br] [br]A word to the wise? Always look for the red indicator light to see if the burner is still hot.
 10/11/2011 05:33 PM

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Wow, that situation sounds as if it could have been more serious than it actually was, Amari. I am happy that you are okay (gas stoves are great but can be kind of scary). Anyway, I have an electric stove but still manage to burn myself on a fairly regular basis. I think I get so self assured in the kitchen that I let my guard down. Typically the burns are extremely minor in nature; they just sting for an hour or so. However, I still have minor scarring from one or two of the episodes. [br][br]Moral of the story? Make sure you have an appropriate mitt when cooking.
 10/04/2011 01:48 PM

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Ouch![br][br]The other day, I actually burned my thumb because there was a hole in the oven mitt I was using (which is, in of itself, an interesting story. I left it too close to the burner and the thumb actually caught on fire). The same day, we thought the gas burner was on, but we realized the gas was running but there was no flame. I turned it off and back on and fire BURST out from under the pan and burned the side of my hand.[br][br]Neither burn was serious, though. I don't think I've ever ended up with an actual scar from cooking burns.
 09/27/2011 03:19 PM

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[br]I have a couple of minor hand scars I got from the stove. They both happened because I used a dishtowel instead of potholder mitt to remove pans from the oven. Through the years, I have applied moisturizers and vitamin E to fade the marks, and impressively the products have helped. I wish I could say the incidents taught me a valuable lesson about using inappropriate tools to retrieve hot items, but I still occasionally reach for a dishtowel if the potholder is not handy. However, I do not recommend it! [br][br]Has anyone else experienced a stove burn? [br]

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