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Topic Title: Vitiligo's Psychological Basis in Children
Created On: 09/03/2009 11:02 AM
 04/27/2012 09:26 AM

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As beautiful as they are, children can sometimes be cruel. Unfortunately, we know that adults can be cruel, as well. Vililigo must be a frustrating condition, even when it is considered to be mild. And, if the uneven skin pigmentation is on the face, then I am sure some people feel especially self-conscious. [br][br]Still, there are treatments that address this condition. Besides corticosteroid creams and light therapy, I read about a topical herbal oil that helps at some level. I think different companies make this product, so it may be something to explore.
 09/03/2009 11:02 AM

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"Results from a study exploring personality traits in children with vitiligo lend support to the concept that vitiligo is a complex, integrated psychoneuroimmune cutaneous disease, say researchers from the University of Chile, Santiago," wrote Cheryl Guttman in a recent article from Dermatology Times.
Quoted in the article is Dr. Rodrigo J. Schwartz, a dermatologist at the University of Chile, where the study was developed. He is quoted at saying,

"Current theories about the loss of epidermal melanocytes in vitiligo center on four main mechanisms — genetic, autoimmune, autotoxicity and neural. Various reports in the literature link psychological factors and stressful life events to the onset of the depigmentation, but no studies have more formally explored a possible pathogenic association.

Our research indicates some children may have a generic temperamental predisposition for developing vitiligo as a reaction to stressful life events and suggests further research in this area is warranted because of its potential implications for diagnosis, management and prognosis."
The study was composeed of three main groups: Vitiligo patients, their unaffected siblings, and children selected from local schools. These groups were given questionairres:  the Junior Temperament and Character Inventory (JTCI) and the Qualitative Psychosocial Development Survey (QPDS).
Also, vitiligo patients were surveyed with the Life Event Checklist (LEC) and the Children's Dermatologic Life Quality Index (CDLQI) to investigate possible associations between onset of vitiligo and negative life events occurring during the preceding year and the effect of their disease on quality of life.
According to the article, results of the JTCI showed "a significant difference comparing the vitiligo patients with the controls only in the harm avoidance (HA) domain."
The vitiligo patients had a higher score, a sign of being more passive, pessimistic, cautious and insecure, and having a higher tendency to be easily fatigued.
To see more result information on this study, or to read the entire article, visit [url=]Dermatology Times[/url].

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