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Topic Title: What Happened to your eyes?
Created On: 03/27/2009 03:47 PM
 11/20/2013 10:21 AM

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<p>I have never used a silicone product, but I am intrigued by what they can achieve. In fact, Avon puts out something called Avon Basics Silicone Glove Hand Cream. Naturally, the product is for hands and not faces, but people seem to swear by its effectiveness. In fact, one person said that this is the only cream that helps her cracked, dry, winter hands. I guess the product is supposed to be non-greasy, but some people say it smells a bit.</p>
<p>Has anyway ever tried it? If so, did it work for you? </p>
 11/29/2011 04:19 PM

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Wow, I am happy your story has a happy ending. I used to love to watch hockey with my dad when I was little. My mom got the bigger television and we watched the small one. [br][br]What type of silicone cream did you use? I have some dark spots on my face from years of sun exposure. In some areas, the shading even looks like minor scarring. Maybe I will visit with the dermatologist and try to get some of the cream you mentioned. If it helped your eyes, maybe it can help my hyper-pigmentation issues.
 03/27/2009 03:47 PM

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As a young man I played ice hockey. I played before the advent of the helmit rule. We players were always aware of the possibility of injury, but this was part of the inherint danger of the game. I was hit many times in each eye. One time I remember being hit with a fellow team members stick. My eye was cut badly enough for me to receive many stitches. After my hockey playing years were over my eyes darkened, to the point of racoon like. People would comment about the darkness. I used my sisters makup many times to cover (for a short time) my scars. After years of no action I finally asked a dermatoligist for help. I was given a type of silicone cream to use, and after a few months my eyes cleared. Today, 35 years later my eyes are aging without the dark and noticeable circles around my eyes. Thanks to all that helped me.


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