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Topic Title: Support each other
Created On: 03/26/2009 05:10 PM
 01/30/2013 01:39 PM

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I agree, we should all support one another whether other people have scars or another perceived issue. We seem to live in a competitive world where we think we can be stronger when we weaken someone else (i.e., by words, actions, or deeds), but instead we become weaker and hurt an innocent person's feelings. Sadly, I have seen this happen, especially in the workplace. [br] [br]However, we are at our best when we lift others up. And, if we cannot lift others, we can simply let them be. It is then we recognize the strength within us.
 01/19/2013 12:41 PM

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Sapphire, I believe you will grow to accept the marks on your legs. Everyone has imperfections, whether they are in the form of scars or something else. Fortunately, there are products that can help to minimize the marks, especially if they are non-surgical. I personally have a scar on my chest because of heart surgery. When I was younger, I wore high-neck shirts to cover it. Now, I have come to see my scar as somewhat positive and rarely choose specific clothing to purposely hide it. It is all perception, and, regrettably, we tend to be our own worst critics.
 01/15/2013 05:51 AM

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Yes I agree. But unlike you, I don't have friends with scars like me. I had scars out of scratching itchy areas when I was young, mostly in my legs. I was careless back then. Now I don't wear shorts and skirts going outside because I feel ashamed because I have many scars. I feel bad seeing other girls wearing shorts and skirts outdoors. Joining this forum site, I hope I will get to accept myself and love myself more even with skin imperfections.
 10/31/2011 03:05 PM

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I agree, we must support each other. Sadly, there are some people out there who fail to understand that their blunt comments about our scars can be insulting. Therefore, we must try to rise above what they say. [br][br]How? By attempting to put everything into perspective. Anyway, I doubt most people set out to be hurtful, I just think many of them are curious, and they do not know how to properly express their curiosity. Nonetheless, if they are rude in their approach, it is best to let them know.
 12/27/2010 08:40 AM

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When I first got these hideous scars, my life tumbled down in a topsy-turvy.[br]I felt insecured, ashamed, and I lost a huge amount of confidence in me.[br]As years went by, I learned to accept it all, and eventually, I got used to it.[br]For those who are still suffering from depression or loneliness due to scars, I have a wonderful piece of advice.[br][br] At first, the whole experience would be somehow tragic and oppressing. I also suffered the same disgrace and humiliation from scars. However, I learned to overcome it all, and I am perfectly happy and contented right now. My old skin might not come back anymore, but that doesn't mean my whole world has to stop just because of that. To all of you, always be strong and brave in overcoming indifference. Scars are just scars, and it's just another odd that people should defeat.[br]If I can do it, you can do it as well!
 03/26/2009 05:10 PM

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Many of us have scars and the older we are, the more scars we have. If you feel self conscious about your scarring, get support from your friends who also have scars. They can tell you what to do about nosey people who ask stupid questions and how they deal with taking their scars public. In essence, it takes one to support one and once you know your friends are "okay" with their scars, you'll feel a lot better about yous

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