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Topic Title: Patient Story: InviCible Review
Created On: 06/23/2010 10:47 AM
 04/17/2014 01:37 AM

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<p>I got this link via google. I want to try invicible scars on my sister's acne scars. They've shown up recently so i think if i try something now, it will help fade those scars quickly. Should i give invicible scars a try?</p>
 12/26/2012 12:49 PM

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I would like to comment on an Invicible update. I have now been using the product on a fairly regular basis for about three months. Early on I seemed to notice an impressive degree of inprovement in minor scarring, but the gains have stopped. Actuallty, there is a scar on my face that is somehwat more severe than minor, and it has not changed much at all. The hyperpigmentation is slightly better, but it is now the winter, so that could be why (when the sun is weaker, it always looks better). [br][br]Yes, I would buy this product again, but do not expect miracles. [br][br]
 12/08/2012 03:19 AM

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[font face="times new roman, times" size="3"]Oh, invicible is truly a promising product! The reviews and testimonials say it all! [/font]
 09/17/2012 07:56 AM

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<h3>[size=font-weight: normal;][font face="times new roman, times" size="2"]I've been using [url=]SkinCeuticals Pigment Regulator[/url] for my hyper pigmentation for so long. But it didn&rsquo;t show any incredible results. Since I&rsquo;ve been hearing a lot well about invicible, i should definitely give it one chance. I&rsquo;d certainly update you with the results that I&rsquo;m going to get after using it. Ordering it now[/font][/size]</h3>
 08/29/2012 12:31 PM

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I ordered my InViCible Cream online. Make sure you shop around. I got the 28 ml size for a little more in cost than the 14 ml size. [br][br]As I mentioned in another post, the cream is great. It is helping to diminish the appearance of my minor facial scarring and hyperpigmentation. I have not yet tried it on my more critical scars, but they are hidden anyway, so no one typically sees them. Conversely, everyone sees my face. [br] [br]Would I buy this product again? Yes![br][br]Has anyone else noticed a reduction in hyperpigmentaion from using InViCible?
 08/10/2012 03:09 AM

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I'm tried of using concealers for hiding my acne scars. I really want to try this invicible cream. Is it available in stores?
 07/13/2012 01:14 AM

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true. Invicible scar worked for me too. .. I&rsquo;m a housewife . I get myself burned a lot while working in the kitchen. Everyday I end up burning my hand either by touching hot objects and stuff unconsciously or while cooking and baking. I&rsquo;m very careless about myself. I consulted my dermatologist... she recommended invicible scars to me ... it's really effective i tell you ... I&rsquo;m really very much satisfied by it as it has really shown drastic effects in such sort span of time.
 07/10/2012 04:23 AM

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i used invicible scars on my acne scars. They used to look so horrible but since i've started using this product, the scars are really fading away.. A great experience with this cream than any other cream that i've ever used,
 04/27/2012 10:32 AM

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Wow, InviCible appears to hold promise for some scars. I am working on a Mac computer and could not access the the "before and after" pictures provided in the article, but I suspect they are impressive. [br][br]Still, I would really like for an individual with older scars to be used as a test subject. I wonder if the results would be equally as favorable? Almost as favorable? Only somewhat favorable? Not favorable at all? That would really provide insight in to this seemingly fantastic product. [br] [br]Hmm, I volunteer. LOL.
 06/23/2010 10:47 AM

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Scars1 product reviewer James M. tests out [url=/iframe.cfm?myurl=http:/]InviCible Advanced Scar Treatment[/url], a hypoallergenic OTC scar cream, on his surgical scars. So far, he's amazed by the results. Read James' story [url=/Patient_Stories/InviCible_Review]here[/url].

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