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Topic Title: Vitiligo Treatment
Created On: 07/30/2010 10:13 AM
 05/30/2018 07:39 AM

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<p>Vitiligo is a long lasting skin problem which can start at any age. JRK Research offer two solutions for [url=]Vitiligo Treatment[/url].</p>
<p>Dual Drug therapy</p>
<li>Tolenorm oil</li>
<li>Tolenorm Ointment</li>
<li>Verdura Mela Pro Cream</li>
<p>Augmentive therapy</p>
<li>Caratol-e capsules</li>
<li>Bekay capsules</li>
<li>S.I.V.A Herbal Drops</li>
<li>Psorolin Medicated Bathing Bar</li>
 07/02/2017 06:23 AM

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<p>Vitiligo is a constant and long lasting skin problem. [url=]Vitiligo treatment[/url] sounds like a frustrating condition. Vitiligo can start at any age and in half the people, it starts before the age of 20.It is more obvious in people with dark skin.</p>
 02/08/2016 04:10 AM

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<p>&#160;Vitiligo is a constant and long lasting skin problem that makes white patches that develop and enlarge only in certain sections of the skin.</p>
 06/05/2014 12:11 AM

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<p>more than 60% of my skin presented with diffuse and infiltrating skin lesion with red and dark red color. There were lots of squarrulose scales on the surface of the lesions. You know how miserable I was. Forturnately I was cured of psoriasis and my arthralgia improved significantly. Now I returned to the appearance of a young man. It took 5 courses of treatment to cure met and reinforce the effect. see more skin treatment on the website of vitiligotcm.</p>
 03/25/2013 09:55 AM

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Vitiligo sounds like a frustrating condition. Is there a common age or time it is most likely to surface? Is discomfort associated with the problem?

Vitiligo must be especially annoying for people with darker skin tones, as the loss of pigment would naturally be more obvious. I have the opposite problem, though. Certain areas on my face experience hyperpgmentation (too much pigment). This is particularly true in the summer, even though I wear sunscreen. Inside the darkened areas, there appears to be faint scarring. The rest of my body does not have this problem, just my face. I have natural products that help, but does anyone know a remedy to eliminate this less-than-pleasant condition? Thanks.
 07/30/2012 04:30 PM

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Dree, from what I understand, vitiligo can impact all skin colors from white to black, but it is especially apparent in darker tones. Oftentimes it begins in the folds of skin (like the inside of the elbow area) and spreads to other parts of the body. Sadly, from what I understand, there is no cure for the condition. Nonetheless, there are different treatments, like topical and oral therapies, that help to counteract the pigment loss.[br] [br]The causes of vitiigo can be varied. For example, certain experts believe it can be inherited, part of an immune system deficiency, or even the result of a severe sunburn. At the same time, some believe that stress can trigger an episode. Whatever the situation, the condition can be frustrating and warrants immediate attention.
 07/30/2010 10:13 AM

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[br]Vitiligo is a relatively common, acquired loss of pigmentation of the skin, affecting 1% to 2% of the population. Destruction of melanocytes, or pigment cells, occurs and the skin becomes white. The most common sites of pigment loss are body folds (like the groin or armpits), around body openings, and exposed areas like the face or hands. It can also develop at sites of injury: cuts, scrapes, and burns.[br] [br] [br]

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Vitiligo Treatment
By Sivakanth

Posted: May 30, 2018
 Hi Vitiligo is a long lasting skin problem which can start at any age. JRK Research offer two solutions for Vitiligo Treatment. Dual Drug therapy Tolenorm oil Tolenorm Ointment Verdura Mela Pro ...

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