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Topic Title: Countdown to clear skin.
Created On: 07/18/2012 04:42 PM
 04/29/2013 05:19 PM

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I wish I knew how to get rid of skin pitting, but I do not. I suggest you consult with a dermatologist about the problem. He or she will undoubtedly have some good advice.

As far as microdermabrasion treatments go, I do not know if current methods are better than ones previously used. I did read that older men and women should steer clear of the procedure because their skin is already thin, and this could perhaps make it thinner. Instead, it is best to focus on natural products that work to strengthen skin layers.
 12/22/2012 07:39 PM

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Thank you for the information. Do you know if current microdermabrasion methods have this potential, Marie? I know I had a series done a while back. The clinician used tiny crystals to cause peeling on my face. At that time, I was able to withstand a pretty vigorous setting. When I left the office, some spots on my skin were quite raw. After I completed the package, my skin did look a lot better. However, several years have gone by, and the gains have been lost. My chin was never a problem in the past, but now it has some pitting and minor scars.[br] [br]Could age be to blame? Microdermabrasion? How do you get rid of skin pitting?
 11/25/2012 06:26 PM

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Microdermabrasion may show positive results for some people. However, if what I read is accurate, long-term negative consequences can occur. [br][br]Microdermabrasion initially encourages skin disruption, then peeling, and then a better appearance. Nevertheless, the skin can thin from the peeling process. It seems the more treatments a person gets, the better the chance this will happen. And, if the skin does thin, a medley of imperfections, like wrinkling and scarring, can surface. [br][br]Did anyone ever experience microdermabrasion side effects? [br][br][br][br]
 07/30/2012 04:57 PM

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Thank you so much for the information regarding microdermabrasion, Terressa. I actually signed up for six treatments with a plastic surgeon about eight years back. Perhaps the therapy was somewhat antiquated back then, but I did see a difference. Even so, the experience made my skin quite raw for at least two to three days following the treatment. I am relatively certain the home treatment is not nearly as harsh on the skin, but is this still a side effect? Does it work on stretch marks?

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