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Topic Title: Synthetic Snake Venom for Wrinkles- & Scars?
Created On: 02/24/2010 04:40 PM
 07/24/2013 06:58 PM

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It seems there are products currently available that utilize synthetic snake venom. The major ingredient is called syn-ake, and it appears that people in Europe love it. I presume different manufacturers put out creams with this particular technology, so I assume they differ in quality and strength. Syn-ake is supposed to mimic the effects of Botox, but naturally without the injected toxin factor.

Personally, this sounds exciting to me, I would love to try synthetic snake venom on my scars. Still, the product I researched included parabens, so I was not impressed.

Does anyone know of a synthetic snake venom gel/cream without harmful chemicals? If so, what is its name?
 10/31/2011 02:54 PM

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Comet, I agree. It seems a synthetic variation of the venom makes a lot more sense. [br][br]What is the consistency of the snake venom product? Does it come in gel form? Cream? It is to be applied topically, correct? Or is it supposed to be injected? I have read that Botox freezes certain wrinkles; I believe it works by temporarily weakening the muscles. I wonder if it can diminish some facial scars, as well. [br] [br]I would love to learn more about synthetic snake venom! If you have any additional info, please pass it along.
 02/24/2010 04:40 PM

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Apparently viper venom has been used in treating certain kinds of wrinkles as it contains a neuro-peptide that one presumes paralyzes locally-tensed muscles. Now a new synthetic version, derived from the "Southeast Temple Viper", and developed in Britian is [url=]coming to the US.[/url] Wouldn't this have applicability beyond wrinkles in treating certain kinds of scars? Now that would be a lot more productive than stepping on a snake![br][br][br][br][font size="1"]Yellow Eyelash Viper Photo:[url=[email protected]/421061713/] Flickr: TAD 20D[/url][/font][br]

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