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Topic Title: Long Scars
Created On: 09/20/2011 07:02 PM
 09/19/2013 03:04 PM

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I have a relatively long scar on my stomach. I must admit, it does affect me at times.

Interestingly, I think my confidence level on a given day influences how I view my scars. When I am strong and feel as if life is going well, they are not as troubling to me. When I feel down at some degree, they tend to bother me a bit me. I personally use Dermablend when I want to diminish a scar's appearance.

Still, in the whole scheme of things, scars are only skin deep. I just need to keep this thought in my mind all of the time (LOL).
 09/20/2011 07:02 PM

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[img=3x3][/img]Long scars can be frustrating because they are difficult to hide. For example, if it's a hot summer day, no one wants to wear long sleeves. Still, if a long scar (or scars) decorates the arm, some people feel uncomfortable wearing short sleeves. [br][br]How do other people deal with long scars? Do you accept them and think, "Who cares?" Do you cover up? If you're not satisfied with how the scar looks, what do you do? Is there an effective product that helps camouflage the length?

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