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Topic Title: scars from shingles...
Created On: 06/08/2009 05:05 PM
 11/25/2012 06:10 PM

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My elderly aunt is on her second or third bout of the shingles. Not only are the skin eruptions painful, but they are also an eyesore. She tried different topical treatments, but the lesions kept coming. Sadly, a few of the more visible sores left behind scars. [br][br]Does anyone have feedback on the shingles vaccine? Is it safe? She eventually decided to get the vaccine at her local pharmacy: I hope it helps. Still, I fear some vaccines can cause more problems than the actual disease.
 11/25/2011 05:36 PM

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I had a similar situation happen to me. When I was in my twenties, I came down with chicken pox. Unfortunately, the sores concentrated primarily on my face. Even though many years have passed, I still have indented scars on my face from that illness. When I was younger the marks did not bother me, but now that I am getting on in years, they appear to be one more imperfection in a list that is growing. Subsequently, I may have them addressed at some point in the near future.
 06/08/2009 05:05 PM

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A few years ago, despite the fact that I had just celebrated my 21st birthday and had been nowhere near the elderly, I had managed to come down with shingles (which had developed on my forehead and eyebrows). Though everything worked itself out and I have gotten over it, I am left with some scars on my face. Thought they don't particularly bother me, my father has been insistent that i get some sort of plastic surgery or something to even it out, and in essence, get rid of it. I was just wondering if perhaps there are some non-surgical or invasive ways of getting rid of scars? I've tried the regular OTC creams and such, but since they are not merely discolorations but actual scars, I'm not sure they really would work.

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