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Topic Title: Scar Cover-Up/Concealer Options
Created On: 06/24/2009 09:34 AM
 01/09/2014 04:00 PM

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<p>Thanks for the detailed advice! I've never had any luck using makeup to cover scars, and this explains why. I'll try this out and let you know how it works. </p>
 11/20/2013 10:35 AM

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<p>I have used Dermablend Scar Concealer in the past with great results. I bought some about ten years back and still use the product, albeit less frequently. I think I paid about $30. Yes, a little goes a long way. It kind of reminds me of the cake make-up of old. I suspect stage make-up is similar to this product. </p>
<p>Having said all of that, this concealer seems to be more effective on younger skin rather than aging skin. When my skin was more taut, it blended nicely without becoming overly visible. Now, the product seems to settle into creases and can even make the scar looks worse. Subsequently, I rarely apply it when I go out now. </p>
 12/30/2011 10:17 AM

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Wow, thanks for the advice! I use Dermablend on a regular basis, but I have never heard of Cover FX; I may give it a try. Regarding the Fraxel laser for scars, do you know if it completely eliminates the mark? What about scars that are slightly elevated, will it work on them, as well? I have often thought about what it would be like to no longer have visible scars. Then, again, they have become a part of who I am; therefore, it actually might be weird to one day wake up to find them gone.
 02/22/2011 04:41 PM

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Cosmo also answered a question on this:[br]
[img][/img]My scars tend to be much more noticeable in the summer. How can I hide them?
[img][/img]Try body concealers like Dermablend or Cover FX, says NYC makeup artist Darac. New formulas are water-resistant—great for beach and pool trips. If you want a more permanent fix, ask your doctor about fractional lasers (like Fraxel). They can be pricey, but three to five treatments can fade scars.[br][br]
 01/19/2011 01:32 PM

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I've got a big scar on my knee from my childhood because of a severe car accident. This helps a lot. Thanks.
 12/10/2009 04:52 PM

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[p]Wow, this was certainly rather helpful- I kind of wish I had found out about it sooner.[/p][p]I do have a question however.. are the concealers you mentioned (dermbled, disappear, etc) all OTC or do you have to go to a dermatologist to have access to them? Also, how much are they? Another thing I'm curious about (due to my being a skeptic of sorts), is why are these products specifically different from any pharmacy-bought concealers? You mention using the driest possible foundation for scars - why is that? I thought scars were meant to be moisturized? So wouldn't a less-dry foundation work better?[/p][p]Sorry- I'm just curious.. ^^ I've been trying to figure out how to hide some scars for a while... nothing has worked as of yet. They merely "concealed" them for a couple hours before the make up wore-off...[/p]
 12/08/2009 01:52 PM

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I've got some small scars on my arm from me scratching chicken pox as a child. this certainly provides some insight, thanks!
 06/24/2009 09:34 AM

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Scars are a unique skin condition as they are damaged skin with no pores. This causes a scar to resist the standard style foundations on the market, resulting in a caked on appearance. For dramatic scars your best bet is specialized scar cover up found at most dermatologist offices. The following are a few concealers on the market that have received good reviews:

- Dermblend
- Disappear by Jane Iredale
- CoverBlend Concealer
- Babor Coverderm Cream
- Smart Cover

If you only have a small scar, you will want to use the driest foundation you can find. Apply moisturizer over the scar first. Then place powder over the moisturizer, before the foundation. This combination of moisturizer and powder will help the cover up to stick to the scar. Then, cover the scar with the foundation and blend the edges. Apply moisturizer over the scar first. Then place powder over the moisturizer, before the foundation. This combination of moisturizer and powder will help the cover up to stick to the scar. Then, cover the scar with the foundation and blend the edges. Usually only a small amount is necessary because the pigmentation in the product is so high (65%-90% pigmentation). The most successful method of scar masking is to conceal the area with good foundation followed by a thin layer of matte powder. You can touch it up as necessary over the course of the day.

It is important to be aware that not every concealer works with every skin type, so you want to make sure that you c onsult representatives of skin-care companies for more information about their products and if they would be right for you. Free samples are usually an option, and complimentary in-store applications are offered so you can see firsthand what the product can do. And always protect skin from sunlight with an SPF of 15 or higher. Sunlight on scars and surrounding skin can sometimes cause marked color differences between the two areas.

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