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Topic Title: yesterday: tattoo; today: removal; tomorrow: scars?
Created On: 02/20/2009 01:53 PM
 01/30/2013 12:40 PM

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I agree, I think it is better to avoid this type of skin art. Multiple people get these when they are still relatively young and think they will always like them. However, as the years pass on, sometimes they wish they could have them taken off. Yet, to do so is costly, painful, and can cause scars or infections. I personally would not recommend that anyone get a tattoo. [br] [br]Still, everyone has different priorities and different standards for beauty. Therefore, if you still want one, make sure you get it from a reputable place: one that exercises the utmost of safety precautions.
 12/20/2011 02:27 PM

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I do not have a tattoo, so I cannot speak from personal experience. Nonetheless, I do know of two women who got tattoos on their backs and wish they never did. One woman also has a small rose tattoo on her stomach and really likes how it looks. However, the other tattoo is quite visible when she wears a swimsuit, so she is not as pleased.[br][br]Moral of the story? Think long and hard before making this decision. If you do decide to go for it, make sure the design is one you want to look at daily.
 05/04/2009 05:26 PM

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Tattoos are a difficult decision involving numerous questions that you need to ask yourself: Where should I put it? Will I still like it years from now? What should I get? Make sure to research the tattoo artist you are planning to go to and check out examples of their artwork and previous tattoos. Don't be afraid to be specific and direct about what you want, it's something that will be on your body forever! As long as you make sure to keep your tattoo bandaged up and consistently apply cream to prevent scarring, your tattoo should heal completely and not be damaged in the process. Never rush into getting a tattoo, give it a lot of thought about whether it's the best decision for you. Good luck!
 03/09/2009 11:33 PM

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It took me 20 years to decide to get a permanent piece of artwork! I had this done about a year after undergoing a mastectomy - and wanted to mark the event - not that you couldn't tell I hadn't gone thru' something "up front" <lol>. I still am enjoying this tattoo - it still looks good - probably will have to be freshened up in about 5 years as colours do fade over time (I protect it from the sun with SPF 60). I am now looking for another one - probably related to my diabetes which I've had for a number of years - just not sure where to put this one. Where are you thinking of having your tattoo placed on your body?

If you go to a good artist - they will answer any of your fears that you may have about going thru' with a permanent tattoo. Also, do not be afraid to approach people that you perhaps admire their artwork - I have done that a few times - and been given the business cards of their tattoo artist. Seeing someones work - if it's something that is similar to what you want - will help relieve you of any fears that it might not turn out the way you want. My artist had advised me against having one done on my ankle - due to being diabetic - and in the end - had mine put on my upper back shoulder (neck was also an option - but would have been painful due to nerve endings in spine). They also advised me not to have one that might be seen in the workplace (aka neck one - no no for me) - as there is still a stigma about people with tattoos - but that is changing with time. It was not painful in the area I had it done - boney areas - you will feel more pain. I have a high pain threshold due to years of multiple insulin injecting. All it felt like was a slight sting - nothing more - 1/2 an hour - and it was all over.

One more thing - how well do you heal? I have a friend who had a tattoo done - and due to how she heals from incisions - her tattoo turned out like a lump - it wasn't very pretty (it was a devil with the f-u sign - not my choice of a tattoo that's for sure). It turns out she should have known this - and perhaps her artist should have questioned her first - as she has keltoid scarring from a previous surgery to reattachment her achilles tendon.

I think if you are to have a tattoo - think of it as PERMANENT- having it removed is not cheap from what I have read - and doesn't always hide it up - scarring is left behind - but this depends on the person who performs this - and how experienced they are.

Again, I had similar questions that are going thru' your head - I had worn "fake" tattoos over the years - and when I finally decided on what I was going to have placed on my skin permanently - I have never looked back thinking it was a bad decision - don't rush into it - or be under the influence of drugs/alcohol/friends pushing you. Do it only if you want it!!!

Hope this helps!
 02/20/2009 01:53 PM

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So I have been thinking a lot about getting a tattoo (my first) lately. And while I have to research tattoo studio, body part, and - most of all - the art I also think about the future. How long will I enjoy wearing and showing the tattoo? What will happen if I am at a point where I regret having it? Tattoo removal is probably as painful as getting the tattoo. Not mentioning the cost of everything. Maybe I am do not have enough courage right now, but if I knew of a good way to avoid scars later I might go for it. Can anybody give me advice?


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