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Topic Title: Top 20 Acne Treatments List
Created On: 09/11/2009 02:19 PM
 03/26/2014 02:33 AM

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<p>I've suffered from Acne for years, and tried all kind of medications. I tried[br]Benzoyl peroxide, Antibiotics, Oral retinoids... all of them had partial effect.[br]Then I tried Saw Plametto, after I read an interesting article on it has a great effect, and my acne is almost gone now. Its surpising, and i think more people should hear about the saw palmetto option. Here's a [url=]good article[/url] that summarizes the subject</p>
 02/21/2013 01:45 PM

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Has anyone ever tried Retin A for minor acne, wrinkles, scarring, hyperpigmentation, or facial lines? I am particularly interested in skin over 40. [br][br]I tried Retin A several years back and had relatively good results after a few months (my skin was red and irritated at first). Even so, I read on other posts that some people actually experience a worsening of their skin imperfections, like larger pores than before! Truthfully, I do not need that aggravation.[br] [br]Any thoughts?
 02/20/2013 12:56 AM

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Good, detailed information. Might come in handy for many.
 04/29/2012 03:21 PM

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Thankfully I do not have severe acne, but people seem to be all over the place when it comes to their opinions of Accutane. Some think it is the greatest invention since sliced bread and say it is undoubtedly one of the best things that has ever happened in their lives. Others, however, say they experienced terrible side effects like dry skin, eczema, cracked lips, achy muscles, dry nasal passages, hair loss, depression, and even suicidal thoughts. And, from what I understand, a person should not get pregnant if using this type of medication. [br][br]In sum, do a lot of research before choosing this acne treatment.
 11/11/2009 02:18 PM

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I came across this article today and thought it was interesting. The case has been getting more and more publicity recently and there have even been ads about the case on TV. Has anyone used this treatment and experienced similar problems? Or had success? I know many people who have used it and haven't had such problems. Does anyone know of an underlying condition that may make some individuals more susceptible to this problem than others?,0,2567627.story
 09/11/2009 02:19 PM

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Benzoyl Peroxide. Salicylic Acid. Dermabrasion. Chemical Peels. These are all different types of treament used for acne. I have come across a list at the following link which reviews the top 20 acne treatment options for 2009. 
Take a look and find information on everything from home therapy regimens to pills and professional treatments. 
Have any of these treatment options worked for you? Can you suggest other forms of treatment which you have found beneficial?

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