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    Silicone Sheeting Reduces Scars

    December 31, 2010

    A few years ago I became victim of assault. I ended up in the hospital with three cut wounds on my face and neck, and stab wounds in my chest and back. A surgical procedure similar to that of an open heart surgery was performed to safe my life. A while later I wanted to reduce the appearance of my scars. Various products were recommended by my doctor and other health care professionals but none worked. Eventually I found out about silicone sheeting. During the period I was using the silicone sheets I gradually noticed improvement. My hypertrophic (red, raised, sensitive) scars got softer, elevation decreased, and the redness started to fade. I created a web page about what I have learned about silicone scar treatment I now know silicone sheeting is the only really effective OTC scar treatment. It is also backed by scientific research. Most physicians didn't seem to know of silicone sheeting. I had to learn from contact I had with a surgeon who worked at a private, cosmetic clinic. I don't remember his name.

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