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    Gary W. - Sun Cancer Surgery Scars

    February 18, 2013

    I've had a few surgeries on my face to remove some skin cancers. A MOSE surgery on my nose and most recently one from under my left eye. Both operations were extremely stressful and although not too painful, they still put a big dent in my day to day works. The surgery itself was not too bad and the doctors and nurses were very kind. The best advice I could give would be to relax during any operation. It is a fact that stress ups the acid levels in the body reducing the body's ability to heal itself. If anything laugh. Watch comedy shows. Laughter stimulates healing! Stay away from the news. Again the stress level rises when watching that stuff. Also, follow post surgery instruction very carefully.I had to keep my surgery area moist. Then after a month I had to rub the area to reduce scarring under the skin. I followed it to a "T" and the results could not have been better. You can hardly tell I've had these surgeries at all.

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