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  • Dog bite scar

    Ethan B. - Dog Bite Scar

    November 17, 2008

    At age 11, Ethan suffered a dog bite on his face from the family dog

             The family rushed him to the ER where he received stitches from a plastic surgeon, but it did not heal well and left a large scar on his face

             He had just gone to a new school and was embarrassed by the scar

             Visited a specialist, Dr. David Vasily, M.D. and after 10-12 treatments you’d really have to look to notice the scar

             Now at 13, Ethan is confident and even able to play with the dog (which the family decided to keep)

             NOTE: The face is the most common place for dog bites on children, because they are too comfortable playing and don’t know to be as cautious as an adult

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