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childhood scar Childhood Scar Faded in Seven Sessions:
As far as I could remember, I was about 12 years old, running, fell down and got ...

knife Tim V. - Assault Scars:
A few years ago I became victim of assault. I ended up in the hospital with three ...

bright sun Gary W. - Sun Cancer Surgery Scars:
I've had a few surgeries on my face to remove some skin cancers. A MOSE surgery ...

los angeles Scarred Women on Skid Row:
For several years, I have worked on skid row in downtown Los Angeles with woman ...

scar on nipple Surgery Scar on Nipple:
I had some surgery done back in Feb which required cutting just under my nipple....

Silicone Sheeting Reduces Scars  Silicone Sheeting Reduces Scars:
During the period I was using the silicone sheets I gradually noticed improvemen...

Chest Scar InviCible Review:
Scars1 reviewer James M. tests InviCible treatment cream on his surgical scars.

Mohs Surgery Post Surgical Scar Healing:
Mohs Surgery Post Surgical Scar Healing

Dog bite scar Ethan B. - Dog Bite Scar:
At age 11, Ethan suffered a bite on his face from the family dog. The family rushed ...

Childhood scar unknown origin Gabrielle D. - Childhood Scar Unknown Origin:
Adopted at 9 months Gabrielle had a scar on her face, but no one knew where it came ...


Kelly L. - Tattoo Removal Scar:
Kelly had a tattoo removal that resulted in a debilitating scar (tattoo removed ...

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home remedies
Herbal Remedies for Scars
Herbal and natural remedies for treating scars include exercising to promote ...
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