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Top Reasons for Getting a Tattoo Removed

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Top Reasons for Getting a Tattoo Removed

January 16, 2012

Written for Scars1 by Michelle Alford

The primary reasons people get tattoos is to feel unique, express independence, or to make a life experience stand out. 18- to 25-year-olds are the most likely to get tattoos, but for many a shift in identity occurs over the next five years and they choose to get the tattoo removed as a way of disassociating from the past.

Top Reasons Stated for Getting a Tattoo Removed

  1. A break-up. According to Dallas Tattoo Removal, the most commonly removed tattoo is a cursive name. These are usually the name of a boyfriend or girlfriend, and when a break-up occurs, the tattooed individual wants the name removed as quickly as possible.
  2. A change in interests. People often choose their tattoos based on interests that as little as five years later, they may no longer feel as strongly about. Band logos are one of the most commonly removed tattoos.
  3. Embarrassment. Many eventually just regret having gotten a tattoo. Of almost 200 people polled while getting tattoos removed in 2006, 57 percent said they suffered embarrassment, 38 percent thought it lowered their body image, and 25 percent felt they had experienced stigma because of their tattoo.
  4. A wedding. If a bride-to-be was already considering getting a tattoo removed, an upcoming wedding is likely to seal the deal. Every woman wants to look as beautiful as possible in their wedding dress, and for many this means having unmarked skin.
  5. Starting a new job. Right or wrong, many jobs consider having a tattoo to be unprofessional. People without visible tattoos are more likely to be hired and promoted than those with them.
  6. Clothing issues. Women in particular discover that tattoos often clash with their fashion sense. Whether it's because they want to hide the tattoo and are as such denied certain cuts of clothing or because the tattoo's color clashes with what they want to wear, they eventually decide enough is enough.
  7. To be a better role model. Many parents discover that, once they have kids, it no longer feels appropriate to have tattoos. Mark Wahlberg stated this as his reason for getting his 6 or 7 tattoos removed. According to him, "I don't want my kids getting tattoos... I'm taking my kids to the procedure so they see how painful it is."


Regardless of your reasons for deciding to get a tattoo removed, make sure to hire a seasoned professional to do so in a safe manner. Unsafe tattoo removal can lead to permanent scarring. Recent innovations in laser tattoo removal have proven to erase tattoos without replacing them with scars. 

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