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Sep 14, 2017
Peppermint oil for hair growth: Does it work?

Can peppermint oil help hair to grow? We look at the the use of peppermint oil for hair growth, how it works, and potential side effects....

Sep 13, 2017
Apple cider vinegar for hair growth: Does it work?

What is apple cider vinegar and can apple cider vinegar boost hair growth? Learn if it is safe to use and what the proven health benefits of vinegar are....

Sep 13, 2017
Itchy skin at night: Causes, conditions, and relief

What is nocturnal pruritus? In this article, learn about the causes of night-time itching, home remedies, treatments, and when to see a doctor....

Sep 13, 2017
Fire ant venom compounds may lead to skin treatments

Compounds derived from fire ant venom can reduce skin thickening and inflammation in a mouse model of psoriasis, Emory and Case Western scientists have shown....

Sep 12, 2017
Advanced melanoma: Groundbreaking trials could transform treatment

An immunotherapy and targeted therapy both promise to bring closer the day when melanoma is a disease that people live with instead of die from....

Sep 10, 2017
Why do redheads get melanoma more frequently?

Red hair and pale skin are due to a genetic mutation. Find out how this puts redheads at greater risk of the potentially deadly skin cancer, melanoma....

Sep 09, 2017
How to get rid of laugh lines naturally with exercises

Laughter lines are a common sign of ageing. While some people attempt treatments and procedures, there are natural ways to keep laughter lines at bay. ...

Sep 09, 2017
Ledderhose disease: Treatments, diet, and surgery

What is ledderhose disease? What are the symptoms, what are the causes, does diet play a role in the condition and how is it diagnosed?...

Sep 08, 2017
Nail pitting: Signs, causes, and treatment

Nail pitting is characterized by small indents or depressions on the nail surface. Learn about the causes, symptoms, how it is diagnosed, and treatments....

Sep 07, 2017
Could a small molecule prevent melanoma in redheads?

Redheaded, pale-skinned people are known to have a greater risk of melanoma, but scientists may have discovered a way to reduce this risk....

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Vitiligo Treatment
By Sivakanth

Posted: May 30, 2018
 Hi Vitiligo is a long lasting skin problem which can start at any age. JRK Research offer two solutions for Vitiligo Treatment. Dual Drug therapy Tolenorm oil Tolenorm Ointment Verdura Mela Pro ...

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