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Dr. Mary P. Lupo, Treating Scars, Dermatologist

Dr. Mary P. Lupo: Overcoming Hurricanes and Treating Scars with Determination and Experience

April 29, 2009

Dr Mary P. Lupo is a Board-certified dermatologist practicing and teaching in New Orleans, LA. She holds undergraduate and medical degrees from Tulane University , where she teaches part-time, while maintaining an active private practice, the Lupo Center for Aesthetic and General Dermatology. Dr. Lupo is the immediate past President of the Women’s Dermatological Association (2007- 08) and currently serves as a director for the American Society for Dermatological Surgery. She is active in numerous research, teaching, and professional activities involving advanced skin care.

Eight feet of water didn’t hold Dr. Mary Lupo back. Neither does a challenging scar. Dr. Lupo, a native of New Orleans and Tulane Medical School graduate, found her medical practice’s offices inundated after Hurricane Katrina breached a nearby canal in late August, 2005. Yet four months later, her office reopened and virtually all of her prior patients came back.

Practical Advice from Dr. Lupo

1. Scar improvement is possible

2. Direct attention away from any residual scarring

3. Organize your personality to emphasize your best parts

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Skin, like New Orleans, has its own ability to rejuvenate. Dr. Mary Lupo has made it her life’s mission to learn how to help that process. Growing up she was good with science and good with her hands. Then, at the age of 16, she experienced her own skin problem and “everything just clicked; I knew I want to go into dermatology”.

That interest in dermatology lead Dr. Lupo to local Tulane University (New Orleans), first as an undergraduate, then as a medical student, then Chief Resident in dermatology, and for the past 20 years, as a Clinical Instructor in the Medical School. Teaching allows her to share her thought process, develop a network of mentored dermatologists across the country, and also to give back to Tulane.

Some of the many ways that Dr. Lupo has mentored include teaching sessions on new dermatological techniques. In some sessions she has taught specialty techniques, such as how to inject a filler, to over 200 dermatologists in live sessions. She also co-founded the Cosmetic Boot Camp to teach advanced practice techniques to other clinicians.

Dr. Lupo is also active in an innovative pro bono effort for treating scars inflicted on battered women and men by their intimate domestic partners at no charge to the patient. This program was started by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) in 1999 and continues as a volunteer effort with referrals from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV)

In Dr. Lupo’s private practice, the “Lupo Center for Aesthetic and General Dermatology”, she works with a wide variety of patients. Her focus is on good results using the best of clinically-proven approaches. To her, a successful outcome for a patient requires both a clinician who “honestly setting expectations upfront” and who is experienced in the relevant techniques.

As far as techniques for addressing scarring, they are evolving fast, and must be customized to each patient, according to Dr. Lupo. There is “no cookie cutter” approach. New technologies such as fractional laser therapy, advanced fillers, and biologicals are “real breakthroughs”.

Fractional non-ablative therapy is ideal for treating acne scars; even the most difficult to treat- ice pick scars- show real improvement. Fractional ablative therapy is the best for other kinds of scarring. On the biological side, growth factors such as TGF-ß (Transforming growth factor beta –found in neonatal foreskins) have high potential.

Beyond treatment, Dr. Lupo has practical advice for those with scarring- “direct attention away from your scar” and “organize your personality to emphasize your best aspects”. This advice from a proven medical leader seems certain, like New Orleans, to stand the tests of time.

Sample Patient Results

Acne Scars- before & after Fractional Resurfacing


Acne Scars- before & after Fractional Resurfacing


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Last updated: 29-Apr-09

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