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veteran healing Air Force Doctor Uses Laser Skin Treatment to Heal Burn Victims
Lt. Col. Chad Hivnor is using his passion for helping people to help burn victims and people with scars achieve functional improvements through fractional ...

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The_basics_of_veteran_wound_care The basics of veteran wound care
Hey SuperMom, Your cousin has some resources they can tap - the VA for one. Another is that many doctors offer low cost or even free treatment ...
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healing scars through flag football...
Dear Veterans, share your story!...
col hale Dr Robert Hale:
Regenerative Medicine for Facial Scars & Burns
Robert G. Hale, D.D.S., is Commander of the US Army Dental and Trauma Research Detatchment, Consultant to the Surgeon General for dental research, Director ...

Colonel Steven Wolf Colonel Steven Wolf:
Healing Scarred Soldiers with Regenerative Medicine
Colonel Steven Wolf, M.D., is the Chief of Clinical Research for the U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research. He’s won numerous awards, including being ...

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Doctors and scientists around the world work every day to develop new procedures and treatments to promote healing and erase scars. Read the latest developments here.
View the Wounded Warriors Resource Center for information on military healing and research institutions, helpful materials for soldiers and veterans, and ways to donate or volunteer.
Scars to Freedom Aids Wounded Vets Scars to Freedom Aids Wounded Vets
Dr. Guadalupe Ponte, DPM, founder of the non-profit organization Scars to Freedom helps veterans by raising money to provide scar treatment. ...
If you are feeling anxious, sad, or alone there are healthcare professionals that can help. Take this short depression screener to learn more.

This locator will help you to find specialists for scars in your area
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Vitiligo Treatment
By Sivakanth

Posted: May 30, 2018
 Hi Vitiligo is a long lasting skin problem which can start at any age. JRK Research offer two solutions for Vitiligo Treatment. Dual Drug therapy Tolenorm oil Tolenorm Ointment Verdura Mela Pro ...

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Dr. Ronald Moy

Dr. Ronald L. Moy:

Protecting Skin from Sun
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