Facial Tumor Removed Without Scar

Topic Title: Facial Tumor Removed Without Scar
Created On: 08/06/2014 05:25 PM

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 08/06/2014 05:25 PM

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Doctors and surgeons from Montreal Children's Hospital have successful removed a "blueberry-sized" tumor from the forehead of an 18-month-old boy, Jayden, using an endoscopic technique which avoided significant scarring on the boy's face. In an article written by Sidhartha Banerjee for The Canadian Press, it is stated that, "Dr. Sherif Emil, director of pediatric general surgery at the hospital, proposed the procedure for Jayden to avoid the prospect of a 2.5-centimeter-long scar across his forehead and deep discoloration on his skin." According to Dr. Emil, most surgeons would remove a tumor like this by cutting the skin and muscle above the tumor, but he did not want to "chance Jayden would go through the rest of his life with a mark on his face." In the procedure they chose to perform, surgeons located and removed the tumor by entering the forehead area through the scalp, above the hairline. This is the first time this endoscopic technique has been performed in Canada. Jayden was released from the hospital shortly after surgery with only a small scar that can be hidden beneath his hairline. To see Sidhartha Banerjee's article, click here.

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