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Hypertrophic Scars

Diagnosis And Treatment

Many treatments are available to lessen the visibility of hypertrophic scars, and alleviate uncomfortable itching and skin stiffness. These treatments range from surgical procedures to remove scars,to therapies like cryotherapy and radiation, to less-invasive methods to minimize a scar's appearance.

Patients who prefer minimally-invasive methods to reduce the appearance and symptoms of scars may choose to use silicone gel sheets. Silicone gel sheets are semi-occlusive sheets that seal moisture into the scar tissue and reduce scar tissue and pigmentation. Silicone gels sheets are advantageous to patients because they are cost-effective, and easy to apply, handle and maintain. Silicone gel sheet scar therapy changes a dark, raised scar to a flatter, pale one in just a few months.

Reviewed by: Michael Fuller, MD

Last updated: Nov-17-08

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