• Highly Effective Treatment for Excessive Scars
  • 'Revision' Procedures Often Needed To Manage Facial Dog Bite Scars In Children
  • Technique using patient's own fat improves appearance and function in patients with difficult-to-treat scars
  • How Much Does Laser Scar Removal Cost?
Read about the different varieties of skin and scar-related conditions.
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Learn about the many types of treatments available for scars and other skin imperfections.
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Laser Scar Removal
Understanding the benefits of laser scar removal.
About Laser Scar Removal

Skin Anatomy
Discover the functions of your skin's intricate layers.
About Skin Anatomy

  • IFPA, ILDS and IPC form partnership to develop Global Psoriasis Atlas

    While studies over the recent years have contributed to an improved understanding of psoriasis, there are still significant gaps in knowledge related to the epidemiology...

  • Free drug samples can change prescribing habits of dermatologists

    The availability of free medication samples in dermatology offices appears to change prescribing practices for acne, a common condition for which free samples are often a...

  • Mechanism found that regulates lung function in disease Birt Hogg Dube syndrome

    Researchers at Penn Medicine have discovered that the tumor suppressor gene folliculin (FLCN) is essential to normal lung function in patients with the rare disease Birt Hogg Dube...

  • Applying lessons learned from fetal skin to reduce scarring in adult wounds

    In early fetal development, skin wounds undergo regeneration and healing without scar formation....

  • Engineered cartilage tissue grown from cells of the patients' nasal septum used to reconstruct nose

    Scientists at the University of Basel report first ever successful nose reconstruction surgery using cartilage grown in the laboratory....

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    Depression Screener

    Did you know that the trauma that causes scars can lead to depression that can affect daily life? If you are feeling anxious, sad, or confused, you are not alone and there are healthcare professionals who can help. Try this short depression screener to learn more.

    Depression Screener
    Advanced BMI Calculator

    Sudden weight gain or loss can cause stretch marks, which are a form of scarring. Try to keep your body shape within a healthy range for your gender. This assessment tool may help.

    Advanced BMI Calculator

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