• Eating Your Five-a-Day is the Key to a Sexy Sun-Kissed Glow
  • New Biomaterial Can Coat Tricky Burn Wounds and Block Out Infection
  • Sunscreen Users Motivated by Fear of Skin Cancer
  • How Much Does Laser Scar Removal Cost?
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Laser Scar Removal
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hard cash on artificial treatments

Posted: Jul 30, 2015   by ezkinjuriya

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  • NICE publishes new guideline on most deadly form of skin cancer

    NICE has published its first guideline on melanoma which aims to reduce the numbers of people dying from the disease, and addresses the wide variations across the country...

  • Survey finds "fat grafts" for facelifts growing in popularity among plastic surgeons

    Fat grafting, the practice of transplanting fat by injecting abdominal or other fat to fill out cheeks, creases, and sags, has become more widely embraced by plastic surgeons,...

  • Lingering lymphocytes lash out against Leishmania

    Immune cells that hang around after parasitic skin infection help ward off secondary attack, according to a study in The Journal of Experimental Medicine....

  • EC licenses MSD's immunotherapy KEYTRUDA (pembrolizumab) for the treatment of advanced melanoma

    MSD (known as Merck & Co Inc. in the United States and Canada) has announced that the European Commission has granted a marketing authorisation for KEYTRUDA® (pembrolizumab)...

  • National Psoriasis Foundation launches patient centered research platform Citizen Pscientist connects patients, researchers to drive future research

    For the first time, people with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis can contribute directly to the future of research into these chronic, systemic autoimmune diseases through...

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    Did you know that the trauma that causes scars can lead to depression that can affect daily life? If you are feeling anxious, sad, or confused, you are not alone and there are healthcare professionals who can help. Try this short depression screener to learn more.

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